Tuesday December 15, 2020, 8:00-9:30 pm EST, online on Zoom

The winter break is a great opportunity for your child to hear, speak, read and write more in the family language(s) and compensate for that large amount of time spent in mostly English-speaking school environment. We will discuss how this time can be used effectively. This involves planning ahead, selecting activities, preparing any learning props or materials, and being ready to address problems. We will discuss what activities are best for you your children (taking into account their knowledge of the language, the setting, and other factors). We will also discuss how to make learning interesting for children, and what to do if we encounter resistance. You will leave with the necessary tools to create your plan.

The workshop is conducted by Dr. Marina Sherkina-Lieber, Ph.D.

Participation is $15 per family/device. To register:
a) CLICK HERE to register via Eventbrite
For more information, email wonderheritagelanguage@gmail.com or call +1(647)891-4507.